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Welcome to Bargain Vapes UK

New Online Vape Shop

A new online vape store that wants to change the vaping industry in the UK and eventually the world. At Bargain Vapes we are vaping enthusiasts that have decided that we are fed up of online vape shops that are trying to sell you rubbish. It’s is worrying how many websites provide a lack of information and trick buyers into purchasing a vaping device that doesn’t even come close to your needs. We have tried to make it as simple as possible for you to understand what is best for you and vaping needs. We want to give everyone in the UK the chance to vape high quality ejuice for a bargain price!


We also like to connect with our audience at Bargain Vapes which is why we are very active on our social media channels. We have a lot of exciting stuff coming in the future to all our social networks. We are very active on instagram and Facebook and at Bargain Vapes we are creating a brand new video series going into in depth information about all of our vaping devices, E-liquid and how to guides on setting up devices and news on new releases and stock in the Bargain Vapes HQ. Don’t miss out our exciting daily posts and connect with us on social media using the links above. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 


What do we sell? At Bargain Vapes we sell a variety of different stock that is constantly getting added to so you have more available choice. As a business we try to offer you the best Bargain prices on your vaping gear and accessories and provide you with as much information on that particular product as possible. Unlike other online vape stores we do not sell products that we don’t believe are the best that the market offers. We like to test all the devices and juices that we sell so we know that they are to a high standard. 


Vaping Devices - There are a few different types of vaping devices that we sell on our online store and you may be confused as of which you should purchase. To begin with we have Starter Kits. Starter Kits are the devices we have picked out that are for those who are looking to stop smoking and within this category we have two different sub category’s that relate to the strength of the device. The strength of the vape device matters because it relates to the user and how many cigarettes they have been smoking a day. If you purchase a device that is designed for someone that smokes 10 cigarettes a day and you are used to smoking a full pack then the likelihood that you give up vaping is a lot higher than if you purchased the correct device in the first place. We want to make sure that people have the right device for them so it is important that you understand what each device should be used for. If you are looking to start vaping or are looking do upgrade your vaping starter kit please head over to our website and look in the descriptions for our strength recommendations. 


E-Liquid - At Bargain Vapes we stock a huge range of premium ejuice from all over the world. On most online vape stores some people from our experience, found it very hard to find good quality well known juice brands at a good price. Well. We have you sorted there because we work very closely with our suppliers to make sure that we bring you the best brands from all over the world and not sell you some cheap homemade vape liquid sold by various companies that they have branded as their own. We make sure that we offer the best prices for each juice on the market. Where our juice may not be the cheapest it is from the highest quality brands in the vaping marketplace. Sometimes you have to pay the price for quality. But we have made sure that the price is as low as possible.