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At Bargain Vapes, we want to change the vaping industry, by creating not just an online store but a community. Our aim is to provide the highest quality service and the best prices on the market. We want everyone to have the chance to vape the best juices from all around the world at a BARGAIN price! You may ask "What makes you different?". What makes us different is the way we engage with all of our customers. We want you all to be part of the #Bargainvapecommunity, connect with us on social media and share with us your favourite juice, Mods, Kits, Accessories and the products you would like to see our stock. We look forward to growing with you all! WELCOME TO THE BARGAIN VAPES FAMILY!

You may ask how this all started. Bargain vapes came around by three vaping enthusiasts who wanted to make their mark in the vaping industry. We could see that the vaping and e-cig market was full of businesses that want to sell new users any old vaping device that doesn't fit their needs.  

To cover some basics there are two main types of vaping mods/devices MTL and SUB OHM Vaping. What is MTL? MTL is known as mouth to lung vaping and it is for those who want to stop smoking and they come on devices that we call the starter kits. Vape Starter Kits are designed to help you quit smoking as vaping it is a healthier alternative to smoking. Vape starter kits introduce people to vapingVape starter kits most commonly consist of pen-style devices, e-cig. They are much more user-friendly than box mods. Starter devices also include AIO (all-in-one) mods, which have built-in tanks and batteries. With an MTL tank, it will feel like you are smoking a cigarette as it is made to replicate the draw. Vaping on an MTL e-cig involves a two-part process with first the draw vapour in the mouth and then inhale it to the lungs. It is one of the most common types of vape tanks on the market and at Bargain Vapes we have a wide selection of MTL tanks for you to choose from.

Sub ohm vaping, also known as sub ohming, is a style of vaping that produces large clouds of vapor. Sub ohm devices utilize low resistance coils that are less than one ohm, hence the name sub ohm. ... It typically refers to direct lung devices with coils that are 0.5 ohms or lower. These devices are known as Sub Ohm Devices that are also available to purchase in store. These devices take 70/30 Liquid as the devices are more powerful and used to create bigger clouds. 



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